Fitness Center at The Knick

The Saints & Sinners Fitness Center at The Knickerbocker combines cutting-edge equipment, luxurious services, and a world-class virtual experience to motivate you every day. Named after artist Molly Crabapple’s Saints & Sinners mural—an extraordinary work of art that depicts the legendary figures who made history at the hotel during New York’s Gilded Age (including F. Scott Fitzgerald and John D. Rockefeller), the fitness complex is comprised of two distinct facilities. The spacious and serene Saints Studio is dedicated to yoga, mat Pilates, and other low-impact modalities. The Sinners Studio features machines for cardiovascular training and heavier lifting, including a state-of-the-art stretch cage and boxing system, and was outfitted in collaboration with NBA All-Star Larry Johnson—a former New York Knicks’ power forward.

Additionally, the Fitness On Demand™ program offers access to over 1,500 virtual classes from leading brands and instructors.‎  Interdisciplinary personal training sessions as well as private yoga, movement, and meditation classes are also available upon request. Curated playlists and disposable headphones deliver an energizing soundtrack for your workout, while thoughtful amenities like performance-enhancing sports drinks and fresh towels keep you hydrated and refreshed. The Saints & Sinners Fitness Complex is open 24-hours a day.

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