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Why a German Brunch is the Best Brunch

Brunch truly is the one meal to rule them all, and this fall, The Knick is upping the ante. Executive Chef Christopher Engel has taken the meal to new heights at St. Cloud rooftop,...

NYC in the Fall: Quintessential Autumn Activities

As any good New Yorker will tell you, in the weeks between the end of September and the beginning of December, New York transforms into an ethereal place, becoming even more quintessentially itself—even more...

Wrong Way Rosé: How to Make Sangria with a Beautiful Twist

This summer, The Knick has partnered with Lejay Crème de Cassis to create fresh, inventive cocktails. One of our favorites, and a popular selection all season long, has been the Wrong Way Rosé, a...

Why You’ll Hate That You Love 1984 on Broadway

George Orwell’s dystopian classic, 1984, has made the transition from page to stage with this year’s production from the Hudson Theatre.  Holding no punches, it’s a gritty, deeply disturbing look at a world gone...

All About Radio City Music Hall

Type “Rockefeller Center” into Google Maps and on the Northwest corner of the complex you’ll find Radio City Music Hall, “legendary theater, home of the Rockettes.” Google Maps gets straight to the point, the...

Where to Buy Bathing Suits in Manhattan

New York City may be known as the concrete jungle but that is no moratorium on the beach-y fun of summertime activities. Posh rooftops, vast green spaces, and nearby beaches become it-spots for sun...

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